General conditions of sale


Article 1: Application of general conditions

These general conditions of sale (hereafter the Conditions) shall be the exclusive terms and conditions governing relations between the non-profit organisation BRUSSELS EXPO npo, with its registered office at 1, Place de Belgique, 1020 Brussels, Belgium, registered under company number BE 0406.655.573, Brussels Trade Register (hereafter the Vendor), and any person who holds or has acquired an entrance ticket for an event, issued by the vendor (hereafter the Purchaser).


The purchaser acknowledges that they have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


The Conditions may be consulted at any time at the following address:, and may be sent by post on simple request by telephone at 070/79.00.70 (+32 78 77 00 76).


These Conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions or waiver clauses, including in particular but not exclusively all written, all prior negotiations, as well as all of the Purchaser's general terms and conditions, even where these purport to be solely valid. Particular prior, written divergent conditions shall only be accepted on an exceptional basis on the Vendorís express consent (namely, referring expressly to these general conditions). By purchasing or holding an entrance ticket, the Purchaser declares that they have read, understood and unreservedly accepted these Conditions and agrees to the processing of their information, in accordance with Article 7 hereunder.


These Conditions are subject to change; the conditions applicable to the sale are those current on on the date of purchase of the entrance ticket.


The Vendor reserves the right to change or update the Conditions at any time, without prior notice and at the Vendor's sole discretion. The amended Conditions shall be binding on the Purchaser for all purchases.

Should any of the provisions of the Conditions herein be deemed to be null and void or unenforceable with respect to current laws or regulations in force, this shall have no impact on the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect. The provision found to be fully or partially null and void or unenforceable shall be deemed unwritten and shall be replaced or considered to have been replaced by a similar provision, in accordance with the law and, inasmuch as possible, performing the same function.


Article 2: Price - Conditions of Purchase and use of entrance tickets

2.1 Price

The price of the entrance tickets is given in euros inclusive of taxes. The price indicated on the entrance tickets may not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be deemed to include the cost of carriage, customs or any other additional amounts due in the case of delivery outside Belgium.


The Purchaser is liable for any transport, administrative and any subsequent processing costs that may be incurred. Transport and administration costs may vary according to the value of the order, the method or time frame for delivery and the destination. These are indicated separately on the ticket receipt.


2.2 Conditions of Purchase and use of entrance tickets

Entrance tickets sold by may only be purchased by completing the online purchase form on or by calling 070/79.00.70 (telephone charges apply: 30c per minute) (+32 78 77 00 76, depending of the country).


The maximum number of tickets that may be purchased by a single individual is 10 per event. The Vendor reserves the right, at its discretion, to reject ticket applications as deemed fit and to require the Purchaser to provide proof of identity at any time.


Entrance tickets are restricted to private use and may not be made available for commercial resale or at a price other than the official sale price. Initial Purchasers who transfer the entrance tickets obtained from the Vendor undertake to communicate the Conditions to the recipients ahead of time and to guarantee acceptance of the Conditions by them.


Entrance tickets are identified and authenticated by a unique barcode. Each entrance ticket may be used only once, with one admission per ticket. Tickets are scanned to grant admission. If the same barcode is presented more than once, only the first scanned ticket shall validly grant admission to the event. The Vendor reserves the right to refuse admission to any person who does not hold an entrance tick obtained through the sale channels specified above.


Entrance tickets are non-exchangeable and non-reimbursable, except in the case of cancellation of the event.


Article 3: Payment

Purchasers may choose from the payment methods offered for online and telephone purchases. Payment options available are: credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or Bancontact/MisterCash and Maestro-type debit card. Payments by credit card are secured by Ogone. Regardless of the payment method selected by the Purchaser, the total transaction amount (purchase price of tickets plus any administration, processing or delivery charges that apply) is debited immediately. The sale shall be effective and entrance tickets delivered only after receipt of payment by the Vendor.


Article 4: Delivery

4.1 Delivery methods

For online sales, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the Purchaser with a hyperlink to a Web page from where the unique and exclusive tickets can be downloaded and printed. Entrance tickets must be printed in colour or black and white on white A4 paper. All information and the barcode on the entrance ticket must be clearly legible, otherwise admission may be refused.


For telephone sales, the Purchaser may choose to receive the unique and exclusive entrance ticket(s) by e-mail (print@home) or by post to the address provided by the Purchaser, in the following countries exclusively: Belgium, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. For tickets sold less than seven working days before the event in question, entrance tickets shall only be available for collection from the ticket offices on the date of the event. Where the delivery option is chosen, entrance tickets shall be delivered by the service provider selected by the Vendor. The Purchaser shall be solely liable for payment of all delivery charges, the exact amount of which shall be stated at the time of purchase.


Entrance tickets remaining unused or unclaimed on the date of the event shall not be exchanged or reimbursed under any conditions whatsoever.


4.2 Delivery failures

Purchasers who do not receive their confirmation e-mail or entrance ticket(s) must notify the Vendor by e-mail to or by calling 070/79.00.70 from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00, as soon as possible and seven days prior to the event at the latest, unless the tickets were purchased after this time.


In the case of an error in the quantities or inaccuracy of the entrance tickets delivered, or if the tickets arrive damaged, the Purchaser must notify the Vendor immediately and within 48 hours of delivery of the entrance tickets at the latest, by e-mail to or by calling 070/79.00.70. Failing receipt of such notification, receipt of the entrance tickets shall be understood to mean confirmation of acceptance of the quantities and accuracy of the entrance tickets purchased. Where the Vendor is notified of any such inaccuracies in or failures to deliver the tickets within the deadlines stated above, and upon verification of the inaccuracy or failure, the Vendor shall correct the error or replace the damaged entrance tickets. No compensation or reimbursement shall be paid.


The Vendor declines all liability if the details provided by the Purchaser (last or first name, address or e-mail address) are incorrect, making it impossible to deliver the entrance ticket.


Article 5: liability and guarantee

Where an event for which the ticket has been purchased is cancelled, the Vendor shall provide the Purchaser with the details of the promoter/organiser of the event to be contacted to obtain reimbursement, based on proof of purchase of the tickets, as well as any additional charges paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor.


The Vendor is a service provider acting on behalf of the event promoter/organiser and, as such, assumes no liability whatsoever should the event be cancelled.


The purchaser expressly renounces all recourse whatsoever on these grounds with respect to BRUSSELS EXPO. The purchaser expressly acknowledges his/her acceptance of this point and undertakes to address all claims to the event organiser exclusively, the contact details for which shall be sent to the purchaser, if applicable.


Consequently, the Vendor shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for the cancellation of the event. Pursuant to these general terms and conditions, such responsibility shall be solely and exclusively incumbent upon the organiser of the event. In any event, the non-profit organisation BRUSSELS EXPO acts only as the agent of the organiser responsible and shall be exempt from the responsibility to make any reimbursement to the Vendor.


The Purchaser may not, under any circumstances, claim damages from the promoter/organiser due to a failure in the quality of the event, any non-substantial change to the content or course of the event, or delay. Similarly, the event promoterís/organiserís liability may not be engaged in the event of differences between the photos, films, illustrations or descriptions presenting or promoting the event on the site,, or any other promotional material and the event itself.


Under no circumstances shall the event promoter/organiser be liable for loss of profits, commercial losses, lost income or any other indirect damage or damage unforeseeable at the time of sale of the entrance tickets. In particular, the event promoter/organiser shall not be responsible in the case of hearing or sight disorders, or any other cutaneous or physical phenomena related to attendance at the event for which the tickets are purchased.


Except in the case of death or bodily injury caused to the Purchaser resulting from an act or omission on the part of the event promoter/organiser, the latter's liability is in any event limited per person accessing the event to the amount of the entrance ticket.

Under no circumstances may the event promoterís/organiserís liability be engaged due to any breach of its contractual obligations whatsoever arising from an Act of God or force majeure. The following shall be considered to be cases of force majeure, but not exclusively: fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane and any other natural catastrophe, exceptional climate event, nationalisation, seizure, sanction by authorities, embargo, strike, lock-outs, blockage, power outage, cutting of telephone, fax and Internet communications, terrorist activities, war, civil war, revolt, demonstration, revolution, strikes, machine stoppages or accidents, exceptional traffic accident, supply difficulties, bankruptcy of suppliers or transport companies, fires, etc. or any other unforeseeable circumstances outside the Vendor's and/or the event promoterís/organiserís will or control, rendering the performance of their obligations impossible either temporarily or continuously. Such events exonerate the Vendor and/or the event promoterís/organiserís from all liability and provide them with the possibility to either reduce their obligations, break the contract or suspend its performance, as appropriate, without in so doing being liable for the payment of any indemnity.

Article 6: Intellectual property rights

The entrance tickets, their graphics and component parts (particularly brands, logos, graphics, photographs, videos, texts, etc.) are protected by intellectual property laws and may not be reproduced, copied, imitated or distributed, in whole or in part, in any form, on any media or by any procedure whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the Vendor and except for the purposes of printing pursuant to Article 4.1 herein.


Article 7: Protection of personal data and promotional e-mails

By personal data is meant information of a personal nature communicated on purchase of the entrance tickets, such as name, e-mail address, postal address and bank details, hereinafter "Personal Data".


The Vendor is responsible for processing the Personal Data provided by the Purchaser. A processing of personal data declaration has been submitted to the Privacy Commission at 139 rue Haute, 1000 Brussels. This declaration may be consulted at:


The Vendor shall process Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data. Data are processed for the following purposes: administration and delivery of entrance tickets, sending e-mails, and in general all processing required for the performance of the Vendor's obligations.


Personal Data shall not be sold or transferred or provided to third parties not involved in the order, delivery and/or payment process without the Purchaser's express agreement at the time of ordering.


Messages of a commercial nature shall only be sent by e-mail or other electronic messaging format on the Purchaser's prior express agreement. The Purchaser may withdraw consent at any time and may oppose processing of their Personal Data for direct marketing purposes.


The Purchaser has the right to access, rectify or delete their Personal Data at any time. To exercise this right, simply write to BRUSSELS EXPO Ė Yetix Department, 1 Place de Belgique, 1020 Brussels, or send an e-mail to


Article 8: Miscellaneous

The original version of these Conditions is in French. In the case of inconsistency, disputes or questioning of their validity, they shall be interpreted on the basis of the original French version.


Article 9: Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general conditions of sale are governed by Belgian law. All disputes arising relative to the performance of contracts governed by these Conditions or their interpretation shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.